Monday, November 12, 2012

Keeping Busy!

So yes, I know I promised another furniture makeover soon. I am trying my hardest. 
I have 4 pieces almost done. My favorite is an Old White writing desk. The last layer of wax will go on that tomorrow. 

We are also in the middle of preparing the house for Thanksgiving. Not only with this be the first gathering of my family at our new (old) house, but it will be the passing of the Thanksgiving torch from my Grandma Betty to me. Thank goodness my mom is coming up to help. :)

My husband is also doing his part to get the house ready.
We are hoping to have beautiful old hardwood floors before the big day. Not sure if it will happen but we are sure going to try very hard.

I can't wait to post more pieces and pretties. However, you might have to wait just a bit more. :)


  1. If the floors aren't finished I don't think anyone is going to's all about being together! Enjoy your first time being the hostess (and chef)! Everything is going to be wonderful!


  2. Are you going to sand the floors yourself? We did that for a quick makeover on my store floors which were old wooden floors. Hubby rented the square shaped sander instead of the drum sander and it worked quite well and I think it was easier to use than the drum. Anyway, the floors are going to look so nice, even if they aren't perfect!