Monday, November 5, 2012

My Collections

I am back after a 2 week break from Blogland. Life caught up with me and the last few weeks were a bit tricky. 
I am having an amazing year at school and I enjoyed spending some extra, extra time getting some new and exciting things rolling in my classroom.
There was also a Na-Da event and the Kane County Flea Market thrown in there too.

I am now working my way back to a routine. 

I had the urge to post about collections today after purchasing something amazing this weekend. 

I asked for info on my Facebook page today about your collections. Please stop over there and tell me more. 

The information that I got was not surprising. Most collections seem to be tied to something emotional. Something from a family member perhaps. Or ties to a passion in life.

My collections don't seem to be tied to anything like that. I even tried to analyze my collections to see why I was drawn to them.

There is no tie. Nothing deep to share.

Simply...certain treasures just make me weak in the knees.

Here is a glimpse at my collections:
*Note - This is just a glimpse at the pieces in these collections.*
Wooden Boxes
 The bottom box in the top picture is my newest! Love it!!!
 Old and Rough Mirrors

 Worn and Cracked Platters

I hope you enjoyed my collections and I can't wait to hear about yours.
Thanks for coming back to visit. :)

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  1. I think collections say a lot about us, too, and I would say that you have a lot of passions! And you like imperfection in your pieces. I just love old mirrors myself...I have a few waiting for the frames to be painted and distressed (have to wait for the warm weather though).

    I really wanted to go to the Na Da event. I met Anne Marie once and she is the warmest, sweetest person. But each time it was held, I was busy. I know you must have had a great time!

    Have a wonderful week! :)


  2. I love your wooden boxes. I have many collections - pitchers, hands, quilts, books. Right now I am loving clock faces and am slowly adding to my collection.

  3. Love your collections, the old platters especially speak to me as there's just something about them that draws me, never can pass one up, from small to large. Your mix of wood with the old mirrors is lovely. Glad Nita led me here!

  4. I featured your pretty collections today on Mod Mix Monday!