Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Top 3 - The Countdown Begins

It is the time of year for reflections. I have been going through my blog and old photos to try and narrow down my favorite parts of this last year. As I was making my list, I noticed that my favorites were nicely dividing themselves into 3 different categories: Personal, Furniture and House.

I have decided to do separate posts for my favorites, starting with my favorite personal posts.

When I started Whimsical Perspective, I really wanted to stay business focused. I wanted to share my techniques, showcase my furniture items and take you on a trip through my decorating journey. 

I had no intention of sharing other aspects of my day-to-day life. However, my blog is an extension of me and my life. I found myself wanting to share more personal items at times.

Here is a glimpse of my non-business related favorites:

My Top 3 Non-Whimsical Moments:

1. My Grandfather's 90th Birthday Celebration

This was an amazing day and I was so excited to share it. My San Diego sister (I hate that she lives so far away) even came to visit!!! It was one of my favorite family gatherings.

2. Getting by with a little help from our friends - The Piano

What an impossible job?!?!? It wouldn't go through the front door. It wouldn't go through the back door. One bad step and the piano and four guys end up in the pool. There was potential for a lot to go wrong. However, with these amazing friends, it was a very smooth process. Thanks guys!

3. Getting by with a little help from our friends - The Garage

 This could not have been more overwhelming.  I couldn't do it by myself because the furniture was SO heavy. I was also a bit afraid of what I might discover in some of the unfamiliar places.  
Enter Travis...
In my state of frustration and fear, Travis saved the day. Travis is the son of my good friend Christie (of Carter's Cottage). Check out the link to see what Travis was able to accomplish in our garage.

I have had fun sharing some fun times with my friends and family.

This will never be a blog where I share political, religious or social views. However, I am looking forward to getting a bit more personal. :)

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  1. I had to check out this post when I saw the piano! I have had two upright pianos in the past, one was given away and the other was sold to a neighbor. I'll never forget the three of us rolling that thing down the street! Those are HEAVY! I would love to have one again when I have a bigger house someday.

  2. What a transformation in your garage! And so many beautiful pieces to work with. I know what it is like to have family so far away, we are in Ontario and two sons are in Alberta. How wonderful your sister was able to make it for your grandfather's 90th!
    Happy almost New Year!
    Debbie :)