Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Little Office Space

I have been trying to get the creative juices flowing by updating my little office space. I figure if the space is cute, I will have cute thoughts. :)

My office space is in the tiny little space that is supposed to be our eat-in kitchen. 

Let's be honest.... We eat in front of the TV. 

When we first moved in, we placed our small dining table in this area and set out in search of a new one for our formal dining room.

Weeks and weeks went by and we stared at an empty dining room and never once sat at the table in the kitchen. So, we decided to add the leaf to the kitchen table and move it to the dining room. It made such immediate sense that we felt silly for not doing it before.

Dining Room:

Now the once under-used kitchen space houses my laptop and will hopefully begin to inspire me. I use it every day.

Office Space:
Style Ingredients:
Flea-Market-Find Desk
Vintage Office Chair
Vintage stool as Side Table
Painted Mirror
Wall Art and Shelf
Antique Lace Piece

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well I know this post is about your office space but I have to say I love the color of the dining room walls! I've probably said that before. LOL. Your office space is cute and cozy. Love the stool and the addition of the lace. And the floors! Love 'em!

  2. love the colors of both rooms....and like your new header looks fun. If you saw my work room,office where I do my computer work....and paint....and do paper fun.....and upholstry....and right now staging everything else that was in my living room would LOL.....and say what a Kalamity...again loving the little desk...and it is sweet

  3. Looks perfect in there!LOVE your wall color too!

  4. I love this as well. Cute And functional! Well done.

  5. I want to steal that stool! Love it.

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  7. A very elegant type of a office space. A very relaxing place. Glad that you shared this one.

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