Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Whimsical Makeover: The Blue Dresser Edition

This is a special dresser. Not only is it super cute but it was purchased on a Laura+Christie adventure day. 
We were traveling up to meet "a guy" and buy some furniture. It had snowed the night before but not enough to keep us from going. Christie and I hopped in her van, trailer attached, and headed out of town. Little did we know that the place we were traveling had not yet been plowed. We had one very real moment when we started to go backwards down a hill....We did not want to go backwards down that hill...

Christie handled it like a champ and we came home with some great pieces.

This beautiful dresser had once been a show stopper. However, some of the inlay is now missing and the legs were cosmetically damaged. I was at least hoping to refinish the top but was unable to salvage it. 

I decided to get adventurous with color and technique with this one. 

My husband was in charge of the staging on this one. He said we needed to "man it up".  We was worried I would cover this masculine dresser with flower or owls or something.  He was a bit frustrated that he couldn't find more "dude" stuff around the house. I was surprised it took him this long to figure that out. ;)
 I used ASCP Napoleonic Blue with Coco accents. It was finished with Clear and Dark Wax. The hardware was amazing so no need to do a thing to it. I am very pleased by how this turned out. However, you should see my pile of used painters tape. I'll bet it is as tall as the dresser itself.

I have several MMS Milk Paint pieces on the back porch right now. I will share those starting next week. I am not going to do my usual  furniture post on Sunday because I will be at home celebrating my Grandpa's 91st birthday.

Thanks for checking in! 


  1. The dresser is the coolest, just turned out beautiful, I can't believe it is the same one, so creative and I love that paint...

  2. What a gorgeous transformation ( it was beautiful before and you made it even more so )
    Fantastic job!

  3. Happy 91st birthday to your grandpa!! Hope you all have a great time at his birthday party.
    Love what you did with the dresser, and I think your husband did a pretty good job of 'maning' it up when he couldn't find any 'dude' stuff around. lol Too funny!
    Debbie :)

  4. The lines on this piece are adorable! I love the choice of paint and finishes on this-great job! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

  5. This piece turned out great!! I love the color you used. I would be timid of using this color, but you rocked it!!!!

  6. so glad you could salvage it i am not at the stage yet where i can take a brush to my antique have a very impressive blog am always gald to see you have posted. I am planning a evening with the girls in the next several weeks, and was wondering if you have a tutor on the paper flower wreath on your banner....i just love it and would be perfect for spring...if you do would you mind passing it on i looked i can't find it ty so much Chris

  7. I love the dresser and the colour, and I am glad you left the handles, love them. A husband that will stage or even knows what that means, your a lucky woman. great job. Tobey

  8. i would love to feature your dresser it turned out beautiful,
    if this would be ok please let me know,

  9. I love the dresser. But also am curious about the pitcher. Is it silver? Did you paint it?

  10. Your dresser is stunning, great work! Absolutely love it!