Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carter's Cottage and a Mini-Makeover

I have been working hard to play with colors and patterns. I am trying to see if my style can stretch from very-farmhouse to cool-eclectic.

Today I finished a sweet chair to take to Carter's Cottage.

I purchased this amazing fabric on a recent shopping day with my friend, Christie. 
It looks fantastic paired with ASCP Aubusson Blue.

This is just one of the amazing pieces you can find at Carter's Cottage. 

Christie Carter, owner of Carter's Cottage, has been a driving force in the success of my brand and business. Not only does she emotionally support me and guide me through the tricky parts of the business, she sets a beautiful stage to display my pieces.  

We happen to giggle a lot too!

Here are some photos I snapped of Carter's Cottage while I was working today:
A little bit girly
 A little rusty and chippy
 A little silly and fun
 Dash and Albert Rugs
 Fantastic Farmhouse

I can't help but smile when I see these photos.  They shop has been going through quite a transformation in the last few weeks. It is only going to get better. You can just feel Christie's energy in these photos. She sure has a knack for staging.

Thanks for letting me gush about my friend. :)



  1. Beautiful merchandising in all parts of the store. I love the vignettes featuring items throughout the shop. The fabric you chose for the chair was prefect for that color. This looks like a fun place to shop.

  2. I could get happily lost there for a good while and be perfectly content. Sweet of you to showcase your friend's shop. It's lovely.

  3. Too bad that Carters Cottage is so far away for me. I saw so many fun items.