Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The start of a new makeover

Whimsical Office...check!
Huge built-ins...check!
1st floor repaint...check!

We have been working like busy bees in the Whimsical household for the last 14 months.  We are rounding the corner on the 1st floor and will be done by Spring. Ron (the husband) is currently knee deep in the living room/dining room project. We hope to be able to show it to you in a month or so. 

For now, I will give you a glimpse at the floor makeover. Forgive the dust and picture quality. These were taken with the iphone.

As we removed the carpet, we unearthed beautiful and original hardwood floors. We were hoping to tackle this project ourselves until we saw multiple plywood filled spaces or just plain wholes in the floor. We called in reinforcements and he took care of it for us.

 After multiple patched spaces, it was ready to sand and refinish.

This is what I came home to on Monday night!
Tonight, we hope to control the dust and start moving furniture back in.
I hope to be able to show more soon.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. A first look at the old floor had me thinking you'd have to replace it, but what a beautiful finish. Looks amazing.

  2. Your floors look beautiful!

  3. Very Beautiful :) I can't wait to see it with Furniture!