Friday, February 22, 2013

Traveling and Photographing - A Family Vacation

I just returned from San Diego to visit my sister and her husband. We were lucky enough to plan our visit to coincide with my parent's visit. It is rare that all six of us are together. 

It was nice to be silly and have fun with my family.

I also had a chance to play with my camera. I have been working with the manual exposure and this was the perfect place to practice.

Here is a glimpse at my trip:

Exploring the back yard and Ocean Beach
Plants in my sister's yard.

The husband at the dog beach.

The Dog Beach

The Dog

La Jolla Beach
The Seal

La Jo11a Beach

Coronado Beach
 Off to Temecula for some wine tasting...
Our Scenery While Wine Tasting

My Fabulous Sister

It was an amazing time with the family!

I came back with almost 400 pictures.  This is just a small piece of the fun we had.

Thanks for checking in. :)


  1. Looks so fun...and yes sisters are the best...glad time with your parents too...treasure those times together

  2. What a beautiful family photo!Looks like an amazing and fun vacation!Soak up and enjoy all the lovely sunshine!

  3. Thanks for sharing your post! Looks like you had a great time and the weather looks beautiful! My family and I just choose where to go for our family vacation!

  4. Wow! You seem to have a great family vacation there. La Jolla Beach seems really amazing. I can't wait to book a flight there via I'm a poet and La Jolla Beach is definitely the perfect place to have those creative juices flowing.