Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Whimsical Makeover: Just a bit of Graphite

I am not an "all-white, shabby" person. I do like a bit of color.

However, I always fear that painting in ASCP Graphite will be to dark. 

It never is...

I always still think it will be...

I need to get over that. :)

I chose to do a bit of Graphite this week on a manly night stand that I picked up at the Kane County Flea Market this month. I wanted a color that would match the hard lines of this piece. I was also a smidge worried about bleed through so I decided Graphite was my go-to color. 

Here is the finished product:

 After painting, I sealed the piece with clear wax and then used the dark wax as a glaze over the whole piece. Most times with Graphite, I skip the clear wax and go straight to dark. This time I chose not to. I think it turned out great.
Check out my Graphite review for my detailed thoughts on Graphite.

Thanks for checking in!

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Monday, April 15th


  1. It turned out great and I love how the light distressing brings up the carvings!

  2. I have not used this color yet.But love the results looks great on that piece!

  3. Graphite is an amazing color! It really elevates an ordinary piece. Your nightstand now looks really high end.
    Great job and thanks for sharing!

  4. You wouldn't find this colour in my home as I'm edging towards white, white and more white, but in saying that, I think this piece is absolutely STUNNING! Love it!

    Judi in the UK

  5. Very nice! I don't know if I've seen that color anywhere before...I like it!

  6. love this and I have a funky piece to do....graphite I think will be the better choice but I also have Napolinic Blue...have you used yet