Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Whimsical Makeover: The Red Dresser Edition

To all of my furniture friends,
Are you having a hard time finding furniture this time of year? Do you have 100 odd and busted pieces in your garage when all you need is a dresser or two?

Story of my life!

I had mentioned before that furniture is flying out of the shop.  We are having a hard time keeping up with this wonderful problem. We have been scouring our normal shopping spots to find pieces to paint. I even traveled 4 hours away. Alas...still a bit low on painted pieces. 

However, I did find this one at the flea market last month. It it lovely and I was dying to paint a dresser in ASCP Primer Red.

I love Primer Red. It is in my top 5 favorite ASCP colors  (that would be a cool list to make).
For this pieces, I used the leathering technique on top and 2 full coats on the sides. I sealed it with clear wax and glazed it with a glaze mixture of the dark wax.

This piece is now at the shop but probably won't be for long. 

Thanks for checking in.


  1. What a pretty color! Have not tried that one yet.Oh yes it is hard to find this time of the year.But garage sale season is soon to be upon us :-) .Those thrift stores are catching on to us there prices keep going up!

  2. This piece is delicious!! I've not heard of the leathering technique...will have to research! How do you mix your glaze with wax?

  3. Lovely colour! Like Jamie above, I don't know about the leathering technique and making a glaze with wax. I think we just gave you an idea for a post!

    Have a lovely week-end!


  4. Yeah....
    How 'do' you mix your glaze with wax?

  5. same question as do you mix glaze with wax