Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Style in Pictures

I am so excited for my first Link Up Event on Monday. I can't wait to see what you have ready to share!

I thought I would get mine out a bit early for some inspiration.
My idea for this event came after I took this photo:

It's rustic, found, unique, a bit whimsical and simple. That is me. 

So I began looking around my house for more inspiration. I took a few more photos and rediscovered some older ones. Enjoy.

Here is a glimpse at our guest room. I am in love with broken, dirty mirrors. This captures the style of our guest room. The full reveal will be in a month or so.

Pardon the picture quality on this. This picture was one of my first blogging pictures. This table is currently my night stand. I love the original paint on the legs. I paired it with this barn door to show off my rustic side.

My love of wooden boxes has gotten out of control. Watch out!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse at my style. I can't wait to see yours!!! 

See you Monday!!!


  1. LOVE your collections.Oh I love those old wood totes,and vintage mirrors and....and.... and... well you know the list goes on and on! See you at the party!

  2. Those pictures are beautiful and very inspirational!

  3. I love the warmth of the old wood. You have some great pieces work with. Can't wait to see the rest of the guest room. Thanks for hosting. What a great idea for a link party. Love your style! Love, Wanda