Saturday, March 16, 2013

On the hunt: Fireplace Mantel

Remember last week when I said the projects in our living room keep getting bigger????
This is a prime example:

We need a new fireplace mantel. The one we have is lovely but isn't our style nor is it the direction we are taking the living room. We need something older and rougher... a bit more simple.  We contemplated doing the DIY version to save a bit of money. However, we figure if we are going to do it right!
So, we are officially on the hunt for an antique fireplace mantel. We are not sure how long this will take. We hope not too long. It is flea market season again and I am putting the word out there to my picker/treasure hunter friends.

I have found some inspiration pieces on Pinterest. 

Source unknown

Wish us luck!
As for our current mantel... I am sure we will put it to good use. :)

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