Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Whimsical Makeover: My Grandmother's Cabinet...Again

Two years ago, I posted a story about my grandmother's cabinet and how I found the cabinet again after many years. If you haven't heard the story, click here for the great story.

At the time of the previous post, I had painted this cabinet in a lovely soft green. It served me well for the last few years. However, the soft green is not the direction in which we went with decor in the new house.

Because the green didn't work, this piece had been hidden away in our guest room. I really wanted to incorporate this into the decor in the main part of our house. 

So... a new color was needed...
 ASCP Primer Red

The lines are now highlighted with the contrast of soft green paint and ASCP Primer Red. This is going to be one of the accent colors in our living room. This room is still under construction but looking promising. We hope to show it off soon. :)

Here is a glimpse:

Thank for checking in!


  1. Your room is looking great. The red is a great colour on that cute little piece. Even better that it has family history.

  2. What a lovely piece! A truly beautiful transformation!Enjoyed reading about the history!

  3. wow I love it! Iv'e never used primer red before but now it's def going to be the next color I buy! Great job thanks for sharing!