Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Collections

To be honest, I am not sure how these collections started. Sometimes collections stem from a special gift or family heirloom. Other times, you just find something pretty or unique and would like to have more. 
I think my collections follow the second path. I must have acquired some of these items and began searching for new variations of them.

 I am hosting a link-up event on Monday (4-28). Please stop by and share your collection. I am excited to feature them on my Facebook page and Pinterest Collections Board.

Here is a glimpse at my favorite collections:

My collection of platters is always on display in my dining room. Each one is very different and none of them are perfect. Chipped and cracked are the way to go. I love the variation in finish and the possible story behind them. None of my collections were costly to start. Most of these were purchased from garage sales for a dollar or two. 

This collection is a bit more personal. I save everything my grandma gives me.  One of those gifts was a few antique spools. Since then I have acquired a few more and have fancied them up with some colorful trimmings.

This is my favorite - My Ball Jar collection. I am obsessed with the color, shape and style of these jars. This is only a fraction of my collection. The rest are in use all over my house holding pencils, toothbrushes, flowers and much more. 
This is an easy collection to get carried away with. I have been able to limit myself with some simple guidelines for purchasing. I knew I wanted enough of the standard size turquoise jars to use as matching centerpieces if an occasion ever arises. After that, I only purchase ones that are different than ones that I have or different from ones that are readily available. I also only purchase Ball Jars that are 50+ years old. I am feeling pretty good about this collection. However, I will always be on the hunt for a purple and green jar. I found a large purple one a few weeks back and it was priced at $125. Too high for me. :)
The search continues...

Please join me and share your collections that you are so proud of. I can't wait to see them!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. I love your collections, they all have a sweet connection to the past. I love old platters and bowls, I've never found a good space saving way to display my platters...I was wondering where you found the stand you have yours in.

    I love the old blue Ball jars, too. I find them a lot up in the country by our lakehouse in Michigan. I think the ones in the city and suburbia are being gobbled up quickly! ;-D


  2. I love your connections! I love the blue ball jars! They are so much fun to decorate with. Visiting from HickoryTrail


  3. What lovely collections! Love your dishes and pretty spools :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

  4. It's fun to collect things and hunt for a 'new' one! I buy any pretty jar for my seashell collection!

  5. How pretty! I love the jars and the dishes too! Just beautiful!

  6. Your collections are wonderful. I am definitely a collector and always seem to be starting a new collection.
    Mary Alice

  7. I featured your collections today at Mod Mix Monday. I especially love the collection of platters.