Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whimsically Painted Signs

You know I am a furniture girl but did you know that I love painting signs as well?

I love to paint and create. Signs allow me to do this on a smaller and quicker scale than a piece of furniture. 

All of my signs are painted on reused items such as cabinet doors, barn wood and salvaged wood from old projects. Because of this, each one of my signs is special and unique.

I use many of these signs for personal use but some of them do make it to Carter's Cottage. I will also be bringing them to Na-Da as well.  

Here is a small glimpse at my sign portfolio:

flag sign from cabinet door

Farmhouse Fresh sign on barn wood

Tea sign on broken drawer piece

Joy sign on cabinet door

Sycamore leaf on cabinet door

EAT sign on salvaged wood

All is Calm sign on old shelf

Antiques sign on old shelf

Joy Sign on cabinet door
I have four new pieces that I will be working on this week. 
What kinds of signs would you like to see?


  1. Love every one of the signs you featured in this post. Like the wood you used to make them on.
    One of my favorite crafts is making signs. I don't have a silhouette so I have to hand print/write or use stencils. I always seem to get the spacing all wonky. I'd sure love it if I could make my signs look like yours and be able to sell them. You've inspired me with your signs as well as your gorgeous big paper flower. I made it couple weeks ago. Not as nice as yours but I'm working on it. I'll keep practicing. Happy Week

  2. Signs are fun. I love making them too, but I tend to make mine a bit too complicated and get caught up trying to decide how to finish. I like how yours turned out!