Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring is in the Air

The last few days have really given me hope that Spring might actually happen this year. 

The birds are chirping...

The flowers are blooming...

Paint is drying in the driveway...

I took a moment to photograph the nature happening in our yard while the paint was drying. 

I planted a few things today that I hope will bloom soon and I will get the garden going on Memorial Day Weekend. Until then, this is the nature I have. 

It's not a lot but it gives me hope.

Warmer weather might be here to stay.


  1. Are the pink flowers pretty! Spring is getting closer for us but still a little cold. I have my fingers crossed it's here soon!


  2. Such pretty flowers!! :) Happy Spring! xx Holly

  3. Spring took it's time arriving here, too, but it finally got here. My bulbs have been putting on quite a show. Yours are so pretty, hopefully it will stay warm for you.
    Debbie :)