Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainy Day Re-Do - The Front Closet

You'd think with all of the rainy days here in Northern Illinois that I would have the house completely clean and organized. 

Well, that would be silly. I need to pace myself. :)

I started with the front closet. A space that we have been avoiding. 

It is not a huge closet but it is deep enough to become a black hole. I had things in this closet that I had deemed lost. So embarrassing.

All of this came out of that little closet. 

Once it was cleaned out, I noticed that the carpet in there was not attached. I removed it and tossed it without a second thought. 

Now it looks like this:

I used the shoe organizer to hold all of our everyday shoes and hung my one lightweight jacket. I took all of our winter stuff to our storage room. I used a chicken crate to store our bags and used small reusable totes to hold our dog leashes and other needed items. 

It feels good to have this clean. 

Next on the rainy day agenda: Coffee Cabinet and Paint/Fabric Cabinet

My other rainy day re-do's:

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