Saturday, June 15, 2013

Staging Furniture for a Photo - Calling all Furniture Dealers

 I have received many kind compliments in the last few weeks on my staging and photography. These comments mean a lot to me because I am no expert. I am learning as I go and I appreciate the positive feedback.

I feel like I have gotten it down to a method that works for me.
And let's be honest... A great photograph can really sell a buyer on a piece of furniture.

Here are some tips I use to stage my furniture for photos.

1. Choose a neutral background and great light - I have 3 places in my house in which I can photograph nicely. Each place has a background that is nondescript and can work for multiple pieces. It must also contain an abundance of natural light. That really is the only way to get a great photograph.

2. Choose items with pops of color - Color, color and more color! You want to add interest to your piece by adding layers of color. This will keep the reader's eye on your photo longer. I love to dry hydrangeas. They keep their color and look fresh year round. This photo was taken in February and the flowers look fantastic.

3. Add some texture - Texture is another way to add interest to your photo. Notice that I have glass, burlap, canvas and baskets. Each has a very different texture that grabs the light differently. Flowers and paper also add nice texture to a piece.

4. Use varying heights - Heights will help balance your photograph. I had a long and skinny piece of furniture that needed to be balanced out. I used the existing window and 2 more frames to add height to the photo. The flowers also add a punch of color.

5. Cluster - Grouping items can also add depth and interest to your piece. Groups of books, vases, ironstone or frames all work nicely.

To help achieve the look you want... visit a good garage sale or flea market. This is a great way to gather inexpensive items to assist in your staging. Try and find items that can be versatile. Watch my photos, there are a few small pieces that I like to use often.

Hopefully this will help you feel more comfortable in your staging and help you sell, sell, sell!

Visit these talented bloggers for more staging inspiration:

1. Miss Mustard Seed

2. Melody from My Passion for Decor

3. Knack Studios

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Great post - I am a big fan of all three bloggers you mentioned too. I am just starting out with advertising my furniture and definitely need to wok on my staging. I have collected a good selection of props that work for different styles but also struggle for a well lit neutral background here as I live in quite a dark old house.
    I am thinking I may need to set my pics outdoors like Melody quite often does. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  2. Enjoyed the piece on staging. This is something I have been working hard on this past year. I also like to use items that "fit" the piece I am staging. For example, a farmhouse table might display an oil lamp, an old cutting boards with bread and knife, a crock filled with rolling pins or maybe a low basket filled with old-style wooden clothespins.

    Another fabulous stager on my list to watch is Dionne at the The Turquoise Iris Her staging is perfection in my opinion. She uses colored glass, framed artwork and rugs in layers and it is never overdone or busy.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna /Small House Under a Big Sky &
    White Oak Studio Designs
    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations

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  4. Do you have any suggestions for staging photographs when you don't have any neutral walls available? I have a very colorful house, and bright yellow of deep browns don't work with everything unfortunately. Do you ever stage outside? Or is that too distracting?

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