Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stool Duel

It is time to decide...

Which stool is for you?

I came accross a set of 4 cute vintage stools and decided to keep 2 for myself (until I found something else I couldn't live without) and sell 2 of them.

That is still the plan. I will be selling 2 of these stools (1 matching set) at the July Kane County Flea Market.

This is the set that I posted back in April:

Bold and Playful - However, will I get tired of such a modern fabric?

Here is the other set:

A little more calm and quiet. The stripes match our cabinets. However, is it too quiet?

One set of these stools will stay at my house and the other is going to Kane. Which would you keep and which would you sell?

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  1. I love the bold. Go for the pop of color!

  2. I love the red chevron! Easy to switch out the fabric if you decide you get tired of it!

  3. I like the red but you should keep all of them. One day you'll regret having sold the other 2.

  4. I think the bold livens up your kitchen area.

  5. By the way, I love the Kane County Flea Market. I bought my new kitchen island there and so happy I did. Wish I lived close enough to visit often, but I was just visiting my daughter.

  6. Hi Laura, I found you through Romantic Homes Magazine and I am your newest follower. You have a wonderful blog. I am doing a little promo on it tomorrow along with some of the other RH blogs. If you have a chance pop in to see it. GREAT blog!!!! xo Diana

  7. Hi Laura,I found your blog via NanaDiana who featured your blog along with mine after they were in Romantic Homes Magazine. Those bar stools are gorgeous and my vote is keep the bold red ones!

    xx Karen