Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Whimsical Makeover: A Beautiful Bench

Ah, Flea Market finds....

You can always find something unique and interesting. With a little love, your finds can be truly amazing.

That was my hope with this amazing antique bench:

Look at the details! It is a beautiful and dainty piece but the fabric was not doing it for me. I think it was an attempt to make it a bit more modern but it kinda missed the mark. 

So, I took the brown fabric off and added new batting. The previous owner has already redone the cushion so I added a bit more. I like my benches fluffy. :)

Now to find the perfect fabric...
I wanted something colorful but not too trendy. Something eclectic but that could translate into timeless. 

Here is the finished product:

This beautiful and colorful bench is now available at Carter's Cottage. 

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  1. Remarkable! What a difference an appropriate fabric does for a piece. Lovely.

  2. The bench has a lovely shape and I agree that brown was not the best fabric choice for a wooden bench. Your fabric pops a lot more.

  3. Beautiful piece!Great pop of color works well with the wood tone.

  4. Gorgeous bench, looks amazing in front of your brick...charming!