Monday, July 22, 2013

Decorating with Color

I see so many of those all-white cottage rooms and I am immediately taken to a place of calm and relaxation.

Then I remember how messy I am and know that the all-white style will never work for me. 

I am drawn to timeless punches of color. 

Here are a few ways that I have added color to our house:

Adding color with my accessories and collections:

My Blue Ball Jars add a large pop of color when displayed together in our dining room. 

 Vintage linens and trays add hints of color here and there.

 Handmade accents add colorful hues add warmth and texture to our space.

Flowers and Fabric are a non-permanent way to easily change up the look of a room.

Yellow flowers on a vintage linen create a palette to work from.

Putting a mirror behind your flowers doubles the impact.

The red chevron pattern added the pop of color to the kitchen that I desperately needed.

Lastly... paint!

Our house is covered in different hues of Robin's Egg Blue. It is warm and colorful but acts as a neutral. It goes with almost everything.

Our ugly painted porch floor became an amazing showcase room with just a bit of paint.

I love colorful rooms. However, I still dream of a cottage inspired oasis. 
I plan on attempting a white-ish room in our master bedroom... with  one or two colorful furniture pieces to spice it up. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. You home is just adorable and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm with you Laura. I could never paint all my antique pieces of furniture and I love having pops of color as you do too.

  2. Do you have a post on the weathered wood behind the farm fresh eggs sign. I am interested in how you produced that.

  3. I fall in love with your painted porch floor every time I see it!