Friday, July 5, 2013

Whimsical Perspective on the Road - Heading to Kane

The trailer is full and tomorrow I will be heading to the Kane County Flea Market to sell some of my new pieces of furniture. I will be partnering with my favorite shop, Carter's Cottage.

I just finished this amazing dresser:

I didn't have time to stage this piece like I normally do. It is heading to the trailer as I type this. 

Check my facebook page for pictures of items that will be traveling with me. I will be posting all day and once I get there tomorrow. 

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  1. I love Kane County Flea! I bought a lovely kitchen island for dirt cheap there in May while visiting my daughter. So many great prices and things to buy. Wish I was back in Illinois again.

  2. I love the stenciling on this dresser! It is amazing!