Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet Emperor's Silk: My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Color Review

Welcome to  blog series dedicated to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors.

Here is my disclaimer:
I am not an official Annie Sloan Stockist. I work and sell at a store that carries the paint and I LOVE painting with it. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Proceed at your own risk. ;)

Emperor's Silk:

Honestly, this is a color that I steered clear of for over 2 years. Why? Not sure. Maybe I am not a "red" person or maybe I just can't do something this bold. For whatever reason, it took me a while to get to this one. 

Whenever I need a red, I would always grab Chalk Paint® in Primer Red. I know I am in the minority here. I was in the minority at Carter's Cottage too! Emperor's Silk is one of Christie's favorites. 

Well, I needed a new color to try so I finally grabbed a can of Emperor's Silk and gave it a try.

Here are my results:

Emperor's Silk with Clear and Dark Wax

Emperor's Silk with Clear and Dark Wax

Color and Wax: Emperor's Silk with Clear and Dark Wax 

Coverage: Good - I see this one as always being a 2 coat paint. It went on fairly evenly but a bit thinner than the Primer Red.

Great Pairings: This looks beautiful with Graphite, Napoleonic Blue and Duck Egg Blue. It makes the perfect accent for Christmas and patriotic holidays.
Would I use this again?: Yes. It might not be my go-to red in this line but it is one that will use often. I can envision this on a dresser in a cottage style room. This color will also pop up in my husband's office.

Clear or Dark: I love this color with the Dark Wax as a finish. Clear Wax alone, leaves this one a bit too bright for me. Remember, I almost always seal my pieces with Clear Wax before I add the Dark Wax as an accent.
 Final Thoughts: This might not be the color for first time ASCP users but it is definitely a versatile one. This color can work in many different decors; Modern, Farmhouse, Cottage or Romantic. 

I hope this series is helpful when making your Chalk Paint® purchase.
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  1. Looks gorgeous!
    I stayed away from it for 2 years too lol - and in the last month I've painted 5 pieces with it - all but one sold within 2 days -
    I'm absolutely in love with it personally :)

  2. Beautiful chest. I am a red person and have LOTS of red in my home. Great job!

  3. Beautiful piece. I am just starting with Annie Sloan and I am loving it!

  4. Nice work! I happen to L-O-V-E ASCP Emperor's red. It's funny but this is the color I choose for my very first painted piece. I prefer dark wax directly over the red. I am definitely an experimenter!

  5. It also makes a great coral when mixed with Barcelona Orange and Old Ochre!

  6. I LOVE the color but I always find it takes many coats because it is pigment rich. I love Graphite under it. Did you put anything under that piece?

  7. Love the Emperor's Silk but m having some issues with the dark wax. Got any dark wax tips?