Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Fall Centerpiece - Junk Inspired

I am always searching flea markets for unique finds and a little bit of junk.

Well, I came across exactly that at the last Kane County Flea Market. 

I think it might be a lamp shade...

But is has a bell handle glued on top...

That's not important. All I knew is that it was cool, junky and I wanted it. 

I even knew what I would be doing with it. 

Dining Table Center Piece!

It is filled with beautiful fall flowers from a local prairie and some almost dried hydrangeas. 
I love the way the flowers pop through the cloche/lampshade. The details in the shade were what drew me to it.

I have a thing for "junky" centerpieces.

Enjoy the beginning of fall and start looking for junk!


  1. You really have some great ideas for your treasure (junk items..nooooo!) I love anything made of wire, there's just something about mixing it it with something feminine and/or pretty! I live in the area and have always wanted to go to the Kane County Fair. Better luck next year! :)


  2. What a cute idea...LOVE this!

  3. Love the look of wire anything. It really looks nice on your table. I have a thing for vintage wire baskets......

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  5. I love your dining room. The simplicity of it is soothing and the wall color is beautiful.
    I think your metal from came from a touch lamp. I have one with a broken glass section. Now i know it won't go all in the recycle bin. That shade will get a paint job and be part of the decor for the autumn holidays. Great job.