Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flea Market Style Decorating

It's a rainy day here in Illinois and no better weather for cleaning and decorating.

I have been spending some (possibly excessive) time on Pinterest lately to help become inspired for our upcoming bathroom and bedroom remodels. While spending time going through hundreds of gorgeous pictures, I noticed that the phrase "Flea Market Style" decorating means something different to each of us. 

To some, it means finding items that are vintage inspired from catalogs or stores to help achieve a desired look. 

For others, it is finding pieces that they love and building happy spaces around them. These pieces could be found at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, the curb and my favorite... inherited and gifted items. 

I am of the mindset of the second group. Now, don't get me wrong, there are times when I want something desperately to help me achieve the look that I am going for. It would be easy to go to a store and grab one. It would definitely make me smile to see the look come together. However, it is really the hunt that I enjoy. I love finding a dusty piece of junk and turning it into a beautiful space. I love that each piece has a story. 

I always keep in mind 4 things when I am creating a space:
  • Mix textures
  • Reflective Pieces
  • Mix Color
  • Have Fun!
So I would like to share a few spaces in my home that are products of my hunt.

Corner of my Dining Room:

  • Geranium Oil Painting painted by my Grandmother
  • Door from Kane County Flea Market
  • Hat Box from my Grandmother
  • Encyclopedias from my Grandparents
  • Plants grown by my 2nd grade students
  • Pots from my Mother
  • Suitcases - some found and some gifted from my Mother
  • Curtain Tie Backs lusted after for months at Sycamore Antiques

Dining Room Wall:
  • Oil Paintings (My Obsession) - Kane County Flea Market and Sycamore Antiques
  • Plates - My favorite find ever from the Kane County Flea Market
  • Bird Cage from Local Junk Shop
  • Dining Chair for a Table that Reminds me of the one in my Mother's House
  • Tea Set my Grandfather Gifted to his Mother
  • Appetizer Server from my Grandmother
  • Vintage Game from my Childhood
  • Tea Cart belonged to my Great Grandmother

My Office:

  • Desk - Purchase from Kane County Flea Market
  • Mirror - Salvaged from my Parent's Bathroom
  • Office Chair - Sycamore Antiques
  • Chalkboard - Made by Me, Frame from Garage Sale 
  • Whimsical Animal Art - Purchased on Recent trip to Nashville, Local Artist
  • Time Card Holder - Local Garage Sale
  • Light Fixture - Home Wishes Gift Shop Pontiac, Illinois

Have fun hunting this summer!

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