Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Shop - The Dream

"A Dream.... 7 years in the making." That is the the thought I have every time I walk through the doors of Whimsical Perspective in Downtown Sycamore, Illinois. Every part of the store is exactly how I dreamed it would be. However, that doesn't happen without a lot of sleepless nights, hard work and the most amazing group of friends on the planet. Here is the story of Whimsical Perspective:

On Veteran's Day, back in November, my husband Ron and I were taking a trip to Elleson's Bakery when we saw the "for rent" signs at 366 State. We had been eagerly awaiting the opening of the restaurant that was to open in that space but the movement of that had stopped. We had talked about opening a shop for years but mostly in dreamy, hopeful language. However, this past summer, we began to discuss it more seriously. As we sat in front of Elleson's, debating on whether or not 6:30am was too early to call the owner, our shop conversations became much more serious. We had just happened upon the perfect location.  Three days later... we signed the lease. 

The space was huge and had so much potential. It was the perfect blank canvas for my thoughts and hopes. It had beautiful floors, all the storage we would need and the windows... oh those windows. 

In this picture, I am dreaming of all of the amazing items that will soon fill the space, Mr. Whimsical is thinking about all of the trim he has to install and walls he has to paint. :) We make a good team. 
Over the next several months, we began to prepare. I searched for products that I thought our sweet town of Sycamore would enjoy.
We took inventory of our house and decided what items in our personal collection would now go to the shop. I was really trying to find items that fit my vision of a well curated shop and that I was proud to sell you. I have found many amazing artists and artisans over the past few months. We also began scouring any markets that were heading to the area. That proved difficult at that time of year because all of the local flea markets were closing for the season. 
Meanwhile, back at the shop, the floors were getting finished, that bathroom was being installed, a deep cleaning and painting were underway. Finally it was move-in day.

My #1 lesson learned from opening a shop is that you can not do it without a great group of friends. On this day, the Whimsical Team was born. This amazing group was there with us on late nights and early mornings. Many drinks were consumed after long days and heavy moves. Floors were scrubbed by hand, all items were priced and dusted and the fluffing began.

My friends are the most selfless and amazing people. I am so lucky to have people that care enough about me to spend all of their free time helping me with my dream. 

Once all of the hard work was done, the shop was ready to go. It was exactly as I had hoped it would be. It had touches of me but also reflected the strength of my friends. There are even pieces of my parents in there!

Opening Day was such a crazy and amazing blur! My whole team was just exhausted. All of our hard work paid off and we were very well received by the community. One amazing 5 year old videographer even captured the moment when my 95 and 93 year old grandparents entered my shop for the first time. 


I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out!

Opening Day had come and gone and now we are in the thick of things. Items are being reordered and new treasures have been found. 

I will continue searching for the most amazing and unique items for my customers and will have a blast doing it! 

A special thanks goes out to my Whimsical Team. I couldn't and can't do it without you. #chaunceystrong

Stay tuned for many more blog posts in the near future. 

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  1. Where is your shop located? I love it ...particularly that bee poster