Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Plant Sanctuary AKA My Front Porch

My Favorite Room in our Whole House!

This beautiful, airy, and eclectic corner is just a snapshot of where our house will be going in 2018. It's cozy and colorful without being too much.  It's the perfect spot to read a book or tip a cup of tea. It is exactly what I want it to be. 

However, let us not forget the evolution of the space:

This photo was taken at the very beginning stages of our house remodel. The windows allowed us to only use this room from late Spring to early Fall. At this point, it was honestly just a space to hold our extra furniture. However, the room has AMAZING bones... brick wall, beautiful old doors, dark paneled ceiling and tons of windows. It was easy to imagine its potential. 

The following summer, when other projects had been completed, I decided it was time to play around with this room. We added color with decor and changed out a bit of furniture but the most dramatic change came with the painting of the floor. It was a fun few days covered it paint and stencil adhesive. 

 While the room was beautiful, it wasn't as functional as I wanted. It was still too cold and breeze with the old storm windows.  So, with the addition of new windows and a new radiator for the room, we now have a fully functioning, 4 seasons room!

Now with its new dedication as my Plant Sanctuary (I have become slightly obsessed with house plants thanks to the help from my partners in crime, M & B), it is my absolute favorite room in the whole house. It is bright, airy, fun, and whimsical!

  • Vintage Drexel Chair and upholstered Ottoman
  • Plant table made from aquarium stand, crates and an old door
  • Table top plant stand - MCM shelf found at Salvation Army
  • Floor plant stands - Mix of stools and metal stands
  • Pots - Vintage Pottery mixed with some made by my mother
  • Floral Print in Frame - Another great find at the Salvation Army

We still have a bit more to add to this area. I have been collecting vintage macrame plant hangers to hold our next wave of plants. Hopefully those will be hung within the next month or so. 
However, I think it is just about perfect the way it is. 

Now, this is only half of the room. The other half serves as our breakfast area and office. That particular area is still "under contruction". That might be my next reveal... 

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  1. Love the room! Especially the floral picture and chair. Enjoy your space. Milena