Friday, February 9, 2018

Finding My Style - Laura Gets Her Groove Back!

A few posts back, I spoke about my need to find my-style-self again. 
Deciding to open a shop and the act of getting it up and running, really took a toll on the time I could dedicate to our home and my sanity. 
For those who really know me, you know that I am a homebody. I love to be at home. 
I'm not anti-social or an introvert, I just really love being in the space that I have created. I have designed our home based on our particular needs and filled it with treasures that make me happy. Why wouldn't I want to spend all of my time there?!?

Now, when the shop opened, our house emptied. Much of what we were using in the house became either display or merchandise in the shop. That didn't make me sad, though. I kept what I loved and am attached to and I parted with the things that didn't make my heart sing. 

What did frustrate me however, was that my house didn't feel complete anymore. It didn't feel put together or, frankly, even clean sometimes. Granted for the first few months the shop was open, I was working double duty. School during the day and shop at night. I was never home and that was a problem on 2 fronts. 
1. I was never home and home is my happy place.
2. I was never home so I couldn't clean or organize.

Now skip ahead to 2018. We survived Pumpkinfest and the Holiday Shopping season and now we are taking a breath. The house is clean (most of the time) and I am finally getting to create my happy space again. 

So, to celebrate, I have started to share my own happy spaces again. I'd like to invite you to follow along as I recreate my home into my sanctuary. I have started a new Instagram account: 
I will be sharing stories from my home, treasures that speak to me, my obsession with house plants, a few pics of the pups, and pictures from my personal travels. I have some fun adventures on the horizon so I hope you follow along. 

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