Thursday, February 1, 2018

Treasure Hunting... The Whimsical Team

Whimsical Perspective has seen and heard an amazing amount of love in the past few months. It is so fun to hear people gush about the products and displays. I just love that my vision has come to life in such a perfect way. 

However, it isn't just my eye and vision that has pushed the shop forward. I have two amazing friends that share my love of the unusual and aren't afraid to get down and dirty to find it. 
 Let me introduce you to The Whimsical Team:

Laura (myself), owner and curator of Whimsical Perspective. I am a lover of plants, moody floral oils, comfortable spaces and colorful living. I love having my unique treasures dictate the direction of the room. I definitely have a color scheme that I stick to and it surprises me every day! While my clothing style is extremely simple and black, my house perfectly accessorized and colorful. 

M, is a true curator of the unusual. Her home is like stepping back and forward in time... at the same time! She is able to sort through items and curate them into a calming and collected environment. I would call her style, Literary Anthropologie.

B, has an eye for cozy living and garden details. In the summer, she lives in her garden space and her flea market purchases reflect that passion. She also loves to repurpose industrial items in a way that makes them extremely functional and cozy. Her home reflects her strong bond to her family and roots. When in her living room, you are never out of range of an amazing vintage wool blanket. 

We have been doing a lot of local traveling to come across all of the treasures that fill our shop. We head to your classic fleas like the Kane County Flea Market and the Elkhorn Antique Show but also love to hit up some hidden little shops here and there. 

However, it's when we come across piles like this, that our junking hearts really skip a beat!

On occassion, we have been know to pick up one or two...or ten treasures on the curb or side of a country road.

And on occasion we get caught in a bind and need a bit of assistance...

I write this as we plan for our next Whimsical Adventure. Next month, we will be heading south and will be on a mission to bring back all of the amazing treasures to be ready for our 1st Anniversary on March 22nd. 

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