My Style Philosophy

Welcome to Whimsical Perspective.
 My name is Laura and this is a look at the world through my eyes. I dream about painting furniture, mixing colors and making people smile. Please follow my blog and join me on my occasionally bumpy ride of junking, painting and living. 
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My Style Philosophy

Our Home: 

Our home can sometimes seem to be a random collection of junk. However, it is my junk and I am proud of it. I take pleasure in reusing older items instead of buying new. I appreciate the character and imperfections in my decor. When you walk in my home, you will see flea market finds, family pretties, purchases from local shops and handmade decor. You will not find much decor from box stores. Why buy a vintage looking scale from a box store when you could get the real deal at a locally owned store downtown? I don't want to be a vintage snob. I enjoy buying brand new rugs, couches, upholstered chairs and clothes (I am scared of skin cells). However, I do try my best to make beauty come organically from my collections and not intentionally from box stores.

My Business:

 My business is a fun ride based around my love of painting furniture. Now...let me clear something up... I don't paint every piece of furniture I get my hands on. I paint furniture that needs a bit of cosmetic love. If it is already a beautiful dresser, why paint it? Take a tour of my house if you need proof. Along with furniture, I want my brand and my business to portray me and the fun I am able to have with it. 

My Art: 

Finally, my furniture and handmade items are my art. I want my furniture pieces to look like they lived in an old house and grew with it. My aesthetic is romantic, rustic farmhouse. I want my furniture to reflect that. I also occasionally make a few handmade items. They aren't super tricky but I take the time to do them well. I hope that makes a difference to my buyers.